Family Law Services

Legal concerns involving family relationships are intensely stressful and often highly complex. If you are facing decisions that will impact your life for years to come, the best step you can take is to speak with a knowledgeable, balanced attorney. You need to know your rights, understand the law and have clear guidance on likely outcomes of various approaches to your case.

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Missouri family law is a world of its own, and we focus all of our professional energies within this wide-ranging, ever-evolving legal realm. At Keefe & Brodie, four dedicated attorneys bring together decades of experience and an array of complementary strengths to our family law practice. We know the courts, officials and opposition involved in our clients' cases, enabling us to consistently provide effective representation across all aspects of:

Our divorce clients range from those able to complete relatively amicable, efficient dissolutions to those engaged in complex disputes over high-value business interests, wealth and property. Lawyers at our firm are known for strength in challenging child custody and paternity matters. Our adoption practice is among the most respected and comprehensive in our region.

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Simply stated, if an issue involves your family and may also involve the courts in the St. Louis County, area, we can help. For family law advice grounded in experience, compassion and knowledge, we invite you to contact our firm and request an initial consultation.