Adoption Lawyers In St. Louis County

Our long-standing family law firm is a premier resource for people seeking to complete adoptions under a broad range of circumstances. Whether you are preparing to build your family through adoption or want to solidify existing relationships, we are here to advise you and advocate for your interests every step of the way.

Nationally Established Credentials · Adoptions At Any Level Of Complexity

We are led in this complex, rewarding practice area by Catherine Ward Keefe, one of just a few lawyers in the St. Louis area and a few hundred nationwide selected for fellowship in the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. This reflects her experience in hundreds of adoption proceedings — including numerous interstate adoptions, contested cases and more — and her peers' recognition of her ethics, competence and professionalism.

Our legal team has extensive knowledge of current, ever-evolving adoption laws. We will assess your situation and goals, help you form solid expectations, and work to make the adoption process as timely and efficient as possible for your family. Our services cover the full spectrum of:

  • Stepparent adoptions, as well as grandparent and other in-family, relative adoptions
  • Adoptions arranged and managed by adoption agencies
  • Private, independent adoptions
  • Second-parent adoptions and adoptions by same-sex couples
  • Adoptions of foster children
  • Actions to obtain guardianship of minors, sometimes as an important step for addressing children's needs prior to completion of an adoption
  • Contested adoptions requiring termination of a biological parent's rights, often based on abandonment, failure to provide support, neglect or other factors
  • Counsel for people considering surrogacy, egg donorship and other forms of assisted reproduction

Adoption Guidance, Planning And Representation You Can Trust

You may have many questions about the adoption process, your rights, likely costs, protected time frames and more. Workers in the courts and in social services roles often consult our firm about complex adoption and child welfare issues — and you can benefit from the same levels of knowledge and insight. To request a consultation with an adoption attorney at Keefe & Brodie in Clayton, Missouri, please call or email us.