Child Custody Lawyers In St. Louis County

When relationships between parents break down, it can be very difficult to reach agreement on the best living circumstances for children. While serving children's best interests is usually a top priority for both parties in a divorce or dispute outside of marriage, their views of what that means often differ dramatically.

Experienced, Balanced And Constructive Representation For Parents

At Keefe & Brodie in Clayton, Missouri, our family law team strives to craft custody and visitation arrangements that put children's well-being first and do justice to both parents' vital roles in their lives. Our experienced child custody attorneys will engage with you to understand your unique family structure and dynamics. We will help you consider and explore all legal options for preserving your most important relationships.

Pursuing The Best Achievable Outcomes For Your Kids And For You

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping men and women obtain fair custody orders and move forward in life. Their knowledge covers the spectrum of complex issues, including those arising in intensely contested divorce cases, paternity actions and cases in which a parent's mental health, fitness to parent or other serious concerns are raised. Our strengths include:

  • Explaining the meaning and significance of physical custody, legal custody and other terms relevant to each case
  • Applying our extensive knowledge of relevant laws — and how specific St. Louis County and outlying counties' courts and judges apply them — to help each client develop a realistic, effective strategy for negotiation or litigation
  • Addressing key considerations such as parents' work and travel schedules and children's special needs or unique pursuits, often by creating workable parenting plans that are as specific and detailed as necessary
  • When necessary and appropriate, advising clients on the roles of counselors, therapists, court mediators, guardians ad litem and other professionals who may be important in a highly contested custody proceeding

Whatever your greatest concerns involving children, we are here to help you make sound, fully informed decisions. Our firm is a go-to resource for modifications of custody and support orders, resolution of grandparents' visitation rights and many complex issues in addition to all aspects of divorce. To schedule a consultation, please call 314-726-6242 or contact us online.