St. Louis County Child Support Attorneys

In nearly every divorce involving minor children and most paternity actions, establishment of child support is an important concern. Forecasting the amount of child support payments you will be required to make or should expect to receive may be critical for your financial stability and future planning.

Missouri state guidelines set out the factors to be considered and the basis for child support calculations. However, ensuring that parents' incomes are accurately reported and unique circumstances are taken into account is a vital step for protecting your interests. At our dedicated family law firm in St. Louis County, child support lawyers will analyze all aspects of your situation and provide clear guidance on your rights and obligations.

Experienced Counsel For Divorce With Children, Paternity Actions, Modifications And Enforcement

Our attorneys' decades of relevant experience and exclusive focus on Missouri family law are key assets for people in need of:

  • Accurate information and clear guidance to decide on the best approach to resolving child custody and visitation (parenting time), which will also impact the child support order
  • Investigation and analysis required to challenge a parent's underreported income or to resolve disputes over expenses such as day care, health care and insurance
  • Pursuit of — or defense against — a modification of child support, for which the court will require documentation that a substantial, continuing change in circumstances makes that modification necessary
  • Assistance with child support enforcement, including contempt actions, when child support obligations are not being met

At Keefe & Brodie, we assist parents across the cultural and economic spectrum with complex child support concerns. Cases involving children's special needs, self-employed parents, custodial parents' desires to relocate and other such factors are familiar territory for our accomplished legal team. To request a consultation with a lawyer who will prioritize your case and your family's future, please call or contact us online.