Guardianship Of Minors

There are many situations in which grandparents, other relatives and other concerned, responsible people must step in to care for and raise children. The reasons cover a vast spectrum of circumstances, including the deaths of biological parents, incarceration, incapacity, patterns of abuse or neglect, military service commitments and more.

Non-parent caregivers often find that they need formal legal authority to make important decisions and obtain vital services for children in their care. At the Missouri family law firm of Keefe & Brodie, we help people navigate all proceedings for obtaining legal guardianships of minors. Our lawyers also assist those with special-needs children who are approaching 18 but may need continued protection and support in the form of a guardianship.

Extensive Experience Obtaining Guardianships For Relatives And Other Devoted Caregivers

We offer full-service legal support to people who provide care, guidance and love to children whose parents cannot or will not do so. Our experience covers a broad range of complex concerns about children's well-being, terminations of parental rights, alternative custody and other related issues. In fact, founding attorney Catherine Ward Keefe has served frequently as a guardian ad litem, representing children's interests in St. Louis County-area courts over the past 25-plus years.

You can turn to us for informed counsel on any matter of child guardianship or contested child custody. Our knowledgeable, compassionate attorneys recognize that:

  • Non-parent caregivers often need a guardianship in place to make decisions regarding children's medical care and education, obtain health insurance coverage and meet other important needs of children.
  • In some cases, defense of children's best interests requires overcoming the objections of parents to a third-party guardianship. We will consider all aspects of your unique situation, construct the strongest possible case for the granting of a guardianship and strive for the optimal outcome.
  • Solutions other than a guardianship may be appropriate in some cases. We can also advise you on adoption, grandparent visitation rights, modifying custody, obtaining orders of protection and other means of helping ensure children's safety and well-being.

Sensitivity To Family Dynamics · Known And Respected In The Courts

If you are caring for a child in place of parents and have questions about your legal rights — or if your needs center on protection of a disabled child approaching 18 — we will be glad to provide an informative initial consultation. Call 314-726-6242 or contact us via email anytime.