Orders Of Protection

Any occurrence or threat of domestic violence must be taken extremely seriously. Abuse of children, within families and between people who formerly had romantic relationships takes many forms — and no one should suffer in silence or forgo his or her legal rights. That said, some allegations are false or exaggerated. Accused individuals often need dedicated legal representation to defend against orders of protection and guard their interests.

Decades Of Experience Addressing Domestic Violence And Volatile Disputes

At Keefe & Brodie in the St. Louis County community of Clayton, Missouri, we provide full-service legal counsel for people who need to petition for orders of protection (sometimes called restraining orders). We also work rigorously to protect those whose positions in a divorce, paternity case or other matter may be severely impacted by allegations of domestic violence or stalking.

Attorneys at our firm have many decades of experience dealing with all aspects of orders of protection and intensely contested family law disputes. Key points to consider include:

  • If you believe you or your child is in danger, we may be able to help you quickly obtain an ex parte order of protection that will be in force until a court hearing is held to determine whether a full order of protection is justified.
  • Prompt action to defend your rights is likely critical if any order of protection has been issued against you. Aside from your exposure to criminal penalties, the courts are empowered to issue rulings covering child custody, visitation, spousal maintenance and other crucial matters.

Turn To Skilled, Balanced Attorneys Who Will Prioritize Your Case

Filings for protective orders are often early or pivotal steps in the proceedings associated with divorce or a paternity dispute. The requirements and full range of consequences are not generally well understood, and experienced legal representation may prove critical on either side of such a dispute. For an initial consultation with a lawyer prepared to explain your rights and work to protect them, call 314-726-6242 or contact our firm online as soon as possible.