A St. Louis County Firm For Post-Divorce Modifications

In the years after divorce, life circumstances often change in dramatic ways for both ex-spouses and any children involved. For example, people lose jobs and advance in their careers, sometimes altering the amounts of child support and/or spousal maintenance that are feasible and appropriate. Many remarry. Custody arrangements that worked when children were very young may be unsustainable when they are older and have much different needs.

Experienced, Reliable Legal Guidance If Your Circumstances Have Changed

A Missouri divorce decree must reflect the state of affairs existing when it is issued. When substantial, continuing changes in circumstances justify changes in orders, it is necessary to file well-prepared motions in the appropriate court to modify them. At Keefe & Brodie, we advise and represent people throughout the St. Louis County area who need to seek post-divorce modifications or defend against them. You can turn to us for:

  • Thorough evaluation of your specific situation and all factors the court may consider when considering modification of child support, spousal maintenance or child custody
  • Clear, honest counsel on both your likelihood of success with a modification action and any risks and repercussions that could make such a filing unwise for you

Attorneys at our dedicated family law firm have decades of experience dealing with all types of serious post-divorce concerns and those of unmarried parents who pay or receive child support. We are prepared to handle any such matter, including complex disputes arising from a proposed parental and child relocation (move-away).

Turn To Our Lawyers For Prompt Attention And Efficient Action

Whether life has taken a sudden, unexpected turn for you or family members' needs have evolved gradually, you should learn your legal options. Certainly, any concerns about children's safety and well-being should be addressed promptly. Support obligations will not be retroactively reduced or eliminated even with a successful modification action, so inability to pay may also be an urgent issue.

For prompt attention from a caring, knowledgeable attorney who will prioritize your case, we encourage you to contact us and schedule an initial consultation.