Property Division At All Levels Of Wealth And Complexity

Aside from custody and other crucial issues involving children, financial matters are the most common sources of significant conflict in divorce. Whether you have modest resources or very substantial assets, your choice of a divorce lawyer to assert and protect your rights may impact your financial well-being for many years to come.

Clear, Reliable Counsel On All Financial Aspects Of Your Missouri Divorce

Some people mistakenly believe that assets and debts must be divided "down the middle." In reality, Missouri courts consider numerous factors in attempting to achieve and enforce equitable distribution of marital property — which is not necessarily equal division. Other misconceptions often relate to business ownership interests, retirement accounts, pensions and other assets commonly held in one spouse's name alone.

Rigorous, Comprehensive Protection Of Our Clients' Interests

At Keefe & Brodie, our dedicated family law attorneys take a 360-degree view when addressing property division, spousal maintenance (alimony) if applicable, and other financial concerns for people throughout St. Louis and surrounding counties. For you, critical steps might include:

  • Obtaining current, accurate valuations of property such as your marital home, other real estate, a family business or professional practice, and other extremely high-value assets
  • Conducting the research required to establish whether specific assets should be treated as marital and subject to equitable division, or as separate property belonging to one party alone
  • Carefully considering which assets and specific financial outcomes are most important for your stability and future happiness, in order to establish the optimal approach to negotiations or divorce litigation
  • Evaluating any existing prenuptial agreement or other contracts to determine their validity and impact on your position

Our attorneys know how difficult it can be to focus on protection of assets and your financial future when under the extreme emotional pressure of a divorce — including the dissolution of a same-sex relationship. We can help you do exactly that, emphasizing resourceful, productive negotiation when possible and total preparation for litigation when necessary.

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