Same-Sex Relationship Issues

In 2004, Missouri voters ratified an amendment to the state's constitution that effectively created a statewide ban on the recognition of same-sex marriages. Even same-sex marriages lawfully performed in other states are not currently recognized as valid in Missouri. As of mid-2014, this law remains in effect, but it has been actively challenged in multiple jurisdictions, including the city of St. Louis, by both citizens and public officials.

A Proven Resource For All Individuals And Families Facing Legal Concerns

Amidst ongoing debate about these important constitutional issues, you may face an array of legal concerns as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individual or couple. At the long-standing family law firm of Keefe & Brodie in Clayton, we are intensely dedicated to helping people protect their rights and interests, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Planning And Dispute Resolution For Same-Sex Couples · Adoptions And Custody Issues

You can depend on treatment with respect and compassion at our firm. Our attorneys know that "non-traditional" families and couples encounter all of the same challenges as their opposite-sex counterparts. Our legal team provides experienced, balanced counsel and representation in matters such as:

  • Establishment of cohabitation agreements for same-sex partners who wish to proactively address certain issues that could arise if the relationship breaks down
  • Navigation of all steps required to prepare for and complete a second-parent adoption or adoption by a same-sex couple
  • Review of estate planning documents in light of our same-sex clients' concerns involving medical decision-making, succession, inheritance of assets and more
  • Various forms of dispute resolution when couples decide to dissolve their relationships, involving those involving property division, child custody and visitation

We actively follow all legal developments impacting marriage equality, same-sex couples' rights, domestic partnerships and related issues in Missouri. To schedule a consultation with a lawyer who will understand your unique concerns and offer qualified guidance you can trust, please call 314-726-6242 or contact us online.